2015 Cedar Rapids Maker Faire

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Electric Show

  • Tesla Coil
    • Ben Ziegler
    • May not be working in time
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Van De Graaff


  • Ruben's Tube?
    • Need to check on rig for gas feed for tube
    • Choose and fab speaker holder/Do we still have this?


  • LN2
    • Cooper is not available, Scratch this or someone else takes it over?
    • If so, schedule LN2 pickup prior to show
    • Demos:
      • Banana Hammer
      • Mini marshmallows
      • Racket ball vs ping pong ball vs bouncy ball
      • Shrinking balloon
      • Pringles pop


  • Ani - The Android Chassis?
    • Eric Ingamells will be presenting his own Eric's gear. He will be at the fair, but not with us.


Will we have this available this year?

  • Arducopter
  • Scorpion
  • Quad Copter
  • Lady Birds!
    • Don't crash into people
      • Or the fire
        • Or the other copters


  • Nick and Ray
    • Are we looking at FPV?

Lenz's Law

  • Eric built the display
    • Make sure we bring the magnet off the door frame!

Is this something we want to go with this year?


  • Co-Labulance?
    • Driver?
    • Can probably only seat 1 more
    • Needs fluids checked, gas, carwash, lighting check & cleaned out.


  • Ben Ziegler
  • Alex Chen
  • Neal Meeker
  • Ray Benge?
  • Nick Benge?
  • Jacob?
  • Mark R? Are you available?
  • Keith Claussen? - Driver, taking truck with hard cover on rear for tools & CR gear. Can seat up to 4 additional people comfortably.

Media Coverage