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John Baichtal is working on a book titled "24 hackerspaces, 24 projects". He would like to include our bronze coin project and is in the planning stages of his book right now. He forwarded us the following questionnaire, and I'd like to crowd source the answers.


Official name of the hackerspace. If the name of the organization differs from the name of the space, I want the latter:

  • QC Co-Lab

Logo -- could you attach a vector or high resolution raster image of your logo?

Hackerspace founding date (if in doubt, use the original lease signing of the organization's first space):

  • April 20th, 2010

Current street address:

  • 1033 East 53rd Street - Davenport, Iowa, 52807

Current number of members:

  • 15-20 - Membership is month-to-month and can fluctuate.

Membership dues:

  • $30 per month

Organizational type (sole proprietorship, LLC, nonprofit, etc.):

  • We are Incorporated as a Non-Profit is Iowa, and have applied for our Federal 501(3)c

Officers/leaders of the space, including titles and real names and/or handles:

  • President - Steve Hamer
  • Vice-President - Jeremy Borchert
  • Secretary - Ben Ziegler
  • Treasurer - Arron Lorenz
  • These are also the founding directors for the Articles of Incorporation

Size of the space, in square meters and/or feet:

  • 4200 Square Feet

Major tools and other significant hardware on site:

welder, blast furnace, drill press, table saw, makerbot, computers

Describe the space. What interests you about the space? What are some of its quirks? What have you done to customize the space?

former commercial space in 3 major rooms to separate louder/dustier activities from the rest. Also a conference room, classroom, studio, server room, kitchen. We removed walls and carpet in the shop area, reworked the electrical and network.

Does the space have a specialty or focus in certain areas?

computers, embedded electronics, plastics, bronze, high voltage

Is there anything else you think would fit into this section?

Could you attach a few high-res photos of your space, both inside and outside?

There are some here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

Finally, could you identify any people or relevant objects found in the photos, so I can write a meaningful caption?

Most of those photos are labeled, contact Ben Ziegler if you're missing something.