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Physical Space

Add to this list as needed, put a name and date after each item if you've completed it.

Things to have done:

  • replace ceiling tiles and insulation
    • Have we fixed the leaks yet?
  • hang doors ^Main door hung, need door for kitchen and curtains for other doors. -Mark
  • carpet/tile transitions -
  • Work on Asset/Inventory Control
    • Ben Z has a google doc listing major items with tags. Feel free to use the label maker to label your own stuff.

Digital Presence

  • We need better copy on the home page
  • Add pages to the wiki-- anything that's red-linked needs info, people!
  • Create sign up forms (Google Docs?)
  • Manage the social media channels. Ideally, each should have its own unique content.

Computer admin

  • per member cluster logins - ldap/kerberos/radius?
  • network wiring for studio, middle room, classroom (terminate), anywhere else?


Please see Co-lab Wish List