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This page details information pertaining to the Co-Labulance such as specs, operation, maintenance & other useful items.


  • Model: 1981 Chevrolet G30 Van with Ambulance conversion from Stratus (Mid-Continet Specialty Vehicles)
  • Engine: LT9 350 cu. in. 5.7L V8, a.k.a Gen 1, Small Block Chevy, SBC
  • Transmission: TH250?
  • Fuel: Unleaded 87 Octane Gasoline, 0% Ethanol blend
  • Weight Class: over 8500 GVWR, 1 Ton
  • Safety Equipment: Seat Belts
  • Seating: 2 in front, 4 in rear, 1 on gurney


  • Keys are located in the key box, has a laser-etched acrylic Gearhead key chain attached.
  • Separate keys for doors & ignition, they are not interchangeable.
  • Check fluid levels such as coolant, oil, washer fluid, fuel before starting vehicle.
  • Check for puddles or fresh spots under vehicle. Look for objects laying around on pavement that could damage the tires.
  • Ensure electrical system is activated by rotating the battery cutoff switch (located on right-hand side of driver's seat towards the floor) to "1" & make sure no other lights or equipment are on, other than the dome light (if any of the doors are open).
  • Insert key into ignition on dash, pump gas pedal only twice, turn key clockwise to start.
  • If it's cold or fails to start after a few rotations, give it ONE extra pedal pump.
  • Seat Belts!
  • Check dash for any warning lights or gauges reading High, Low, or Hot.
  • Check side mirrors & seats for visibility & comfort.
  • Automatic Transmission, so this should be straightforward - foot on the brake before shifting, make sure you're stopped before going to Park, Reverse, etc...
  • While on the road, give plenty of room to stop & go. Slow down for corners & PUMP the brakes if they lock up, they DO NOT have ABS!
  • When parking, ensure everything is turned off. Ensure the battery switch is rotated to OFF & all the doors are locked (driver, passenger, sliding & rear doors).


  • Wheels: 16" Rim size, 8 bolt Ford 3/4 Ton Steel, sand blasted & painted Spring 2013
  • Tires: LT225/75R16 STARFIRE SF510 E BLK - April 2013
  • Carburetor: Edelbrock 1406 Performer Series 650? CFM with Electric Choke - Oct. 2013
  • Alternator: GM CS144 style, Remy Part #9999? - Oct. 2014

Maintenance Record

  • Tires - April 2013, XX miles
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Change
  • Spark Plugs
  • Ignition Wires
  • Cap & Rotor

IMPORTANT NOTES: The Co-Labulance is big, heavy, & old, so it's not sporting many features of today's vehicles on the road. She's considered a classic, so please treat her has such!