Consent Agenda Item: QC Co-Lab Website 5.8.2010

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To migrate the QC Co-Lab website from Wordpress to Drupal, migrating the installation at to Placed on the Consent Agenda for 5.8.2010

Proposal Owner

Cody Wilson


Arron has done a bang-up job getting the face of the QC Co-Lab out there. He's spent a lot of his time getting our base information up there and available. He also happened to find CiviCRM, which makes dues tracking and other meeting functions a great deal easier. It's currently running as a module of Drupal.

In the interest of minimizing needless waste of server resources, as well as maintaining various software on the server for security reasons, I'd like to slim us down to one CMS for the site. Wordpress is a nice CMS, but Drupal can do everything it can and can be in some cases a little more versatile. It has a lot of theme support, so making the site look good shouldn't be a problem.

The Wiki, being a wiki, is easy to distinguish and use. However, the main site and the CiviCRM site really have no reason to be separate. Were CiviCRM able to integrate with Wordpress, Arron and I would have installed it there. However, that's not an option.

I encourage you to have a look see and the current Co-Lab site. All of the features there can be replicated on Drupal, with enough effort. By combining the sites, we have a unified presence for the Co-Lab on the internet, and makes our web-end of the site much easier to use by all our members.