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This document is to be used as a base for ensuring the 7 P's are followed in arranging out-of-town guests for events such as workshops or demonstrations, while minimizing effort and hidden costs. In the spirit of the QC Co-Lab's Do-ocratic method of operations, it is understood that the member proposing a guest to come to the Co-Lab will be that guest's host. The duties of a host involve gathering all of the details involving your guest's stay and their involvement with the QC Co-Lab, as well as either performing, or requesting assistance in completing the necessary steps to ensure your guest and their event are a success.

Initial Questions

  • Who are you attempting to invite to the QC Co-Lab?
  • Will they be presenting or hosting a workshop?
    • If Yes, do they require any equipment provided (Projector, soldering stations, etc.)?
  • How long will they be in town (Ex. 2 days, 1 night)?
  • How many people total in their group?
  • Will they require lodging?
  • Will they require transportation?
  • Do they have any other special needs not outlined above?

Proposal of Guest to the Membership

Please use the consent agenda to inform the membership of your intent to invite an out-of-town guest to the QC Co-Lab for an event. In your description of who your guest is, please assume that nobody knows who they are (mostly as it's a good first step towards good copy for the website and any other announcements that are made).

Event Fee Schedule

A modest donation fee in addition to whatever your guest might charge for their services is suggested to cover the costs of using the space. Please consider in the event fee what costs the QC Co-Lab might incur, such as paying for lodging for the guests during their stay in the Quad Cities. An easy formula to play with:

(($Cost_For_Lodging / ($Expected_Turnout x $Number_Of_Sessions) + $1 = $Suggested_Fee) || $5
So, if a guest was staying 2 nights at a hotel that cost $65 a night, and we expected about 20 people to attend the guest's workshop, and they planned on running the event twice,
$130 / (20 x 2) + $1 = $4.25

As the formula dips below $5, you can opt to meet that $5 bar. This helps off-set costs in the future, and put more money toward our rainy-day funds. However, if that same guest was only running one event,

$130 / (20 x 1) + $1 = $7.50

Still a pretty fair addition to the cost of any event. If you have questions, or wish to get answers about special costs for a cool event see the Treasurer.

Lodging Arrangements

It is in the best interest of the QC Co-Lab to not offer someone's couch or guest room to our prospective presenters. We would like people to spread the word about us, and have past guests talk to their friends doing cool things and actively want to come show us. Unless this person is a personal friend and insists on staying with you, the QC Co-Lab should be providing lodging at a decent hotel in the area, of which there are plenty near the Co-Lab. If you need any assistance, the treasurer is able to help with procuring a reservation for your guest.

Announcements, PR, and Website

The more information you can give about who your guest is, what they do, what they're planning on doing at the Co-Lab, and why people should be excited about it, the better. The PR and Media Committee can work with you on a press release, adding an event to the website including online registration, promoting via the Co-Lab's social media accounts, and every other way to help this event be known.


We want guests to come to the QC Co-Lab. The hope is that the above document aids in cutting the crap out of arranging all of this, gets the host the help they need, and ultimately leads to a successful fun time.