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Currently, membership is a flat $30/month per immediate family. This may change as our needs change; we may add more membership classes and/or increase or decrease the monthly dues if necessary.

Membership benefits include unlimited 24/7 access to the space and the library. Wireless internet is not currently offered through the space; we hope to have a internet provider secured in the very near future (hopefully, before the Open House; Hamilton has several wireless networks available for use if necessary, but the coverage is somewhat spotty).

We are working on putting together a sign up form, but for now, just shoot an email to [email protected] if you are interested, or visit us at our next general meeting.

Many events offered at the QC Co-lab are open to the general public, while others are exclusively offered to co-lab members. See the individual event's page for more information.

For more information on membership and classes, please see the By-Laws.