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The LC6090 is an invaluable tool for cutting and lighting engraving leather in preparation for tooling, as well as creating templates and aids for using the more conventional leathercraft tools. Most of the tools were purchased from Tandy and more information can be found on their website.

When using tooling stamps, use a soft mallet; preferably with marble or a hard under-surface. When using a punches, use a soft under-surface to preserve the cutting edge and tables.

Leathercraft tool list
What ID Number Use
2-Prong Lacing Needle 10/pk 1190-00 The two prongs hold 3/32" (0.2 cm) and 1/8" (0.3 cm) flat lace for hand stitching.
Harness Needle Size 000 10/pk 1192-13 Round with blunt point. Larger than size 0. Barely fits waxed thread
Sewing Awl Includes Taper-shank, 2x Needle Hole, & Needle Hook
Poly Mallet 3301-03 Use for stamps/punches
A104 Craftool Background Stamp 6104-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 1/8x7/32"
B197 Craftool Beveler Stamp 6197-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 9/32x9/32"
B701 Craftool Beveler Stamp 6701-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 5/32x5/32"
B935 Craftool Beveler Stamp 6935-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 1/8x7/32"
B936 Craftool Beveler Stamp 6936-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 1/8x7/32"
C431 Craftool Camouflage Stamp 6431-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 3/8x5/8"
F941 Craftool Figure Carving Stamp 6941-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 7/32x1/4"
P217 Craftool Pear Shader Stamp 6217-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 3/16x5/8"
S706 Craftool Seeder Stamp 6706-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 5/32x5/32"
U853 Craftool Mulefoot Stamp 6853-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 7/32x3/8"
V407 Craftool Veiner Stamp 6407-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 5/8x3/16"
V707 Craftool Veiner Stamp 6707-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 1/2x3/8"
X511 Craftool Basketweave Stamp 6511-00 Tooling, ~stamp dimensions: 13/32x1/4"
Craftool 3-D Sprocket Stamp 8654-00 Tooling, use with Hefty Handle
Craftool 3-D Plate Stamp 8662-00 Tooling, use with Hefty Handle
Craftool Handcrafted by 3-D Stamp 88400-00 Tooling, use with Hefty Handle
Craftool Hefty Stamp Handle 8197-00 Tooling, use with 3-D stamps
Craftool Leather Drive Punch Size 4 - 5/32" 3777-04 Use with soft cutting board or end-grain wood underneath surface
Mini Leather Punch Set 3003-00 Punches round holes sizes 0 through 5 (5/64", 3/32", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32" and 11/64").
Maxi Leather Punch Set 3004-00 Punches round holes sizes 6 through 10 and 12 (3/16", 13/64", 7/32", 1/4", 17/64" and 5/16").
V shaped skiver/edge beveler 8077 used to bevel edges & deepen rivet holes. Equivalent to Craftool Keen Edge Bevelers #126
U shaped skiver/edge beveler 8077 used to bevel edges & deepen rivet holes. Equivalent to Craftool Edge Beveler
Super Skiver 3025 used to thin the back off of hides. Equivalent to Craftool Super Skiver
Craftool Deluxe Snap-All/Rivet Setter Set 8105-00 For Multi Purpose Segma Type Fasteners #1250, Line 20 Fasteners #1261, Line 24 Fasteners #1263, Rapid Rivets and Double Cap Rivets
Craftool Rivet Setter 8100-00 For rapid rivets or crystal rivets. Use with Dot/Rivet Anvil
Craftool Dot/Rivet Anvil 8056-00 Used for setting Line 20 & 24 Snaps, and any convex headed rivet back concho.
Eyelet Setter w/Anvil 3/16" 8094-00 Used for setting 3/16" eyelets. Use hole punch to barely fit hole.
Craftool Strap Cutter 3080-00 Can adjust to cut 1/8" (0,3 cm) to 4" strips.
Replacement Blades 5/pk 3081-00 For Strap Cutter
Craftool Swivel Knife Deluxe Adjustable 8002-00 Tooling, tracing of patterns
Craftool Pro Burnishing Awl 3218-00 Mark leather, create, widen and smooth holes.
Craftool Lace Maker 3784-00 Turns a 4 inch circle of leather into 8 feet of lace. Cuts 7 widths (3/16", 5/32", 9/64", 1/8", 3/32", 5/64", 1/16") in up to 5 oz. leather
Multi-Size Wood Slicker 8121-00 Burnishing edges and pushing out carving/embossing
Craftool Overstitch Wheel System 8091-00 Evenly marks 5, 6 or 7 holes per inch for punching/sewing. Owned by Eric Ingamells
Rounders ?
Dye Brushes Brushing on leather dye to small locations
Sponges Wetting the leather for tooling
Craftool Modeling Tool 8039- Tooling
The Leather Craft Handbook 6009-00 Learn technique
Instructional DVD Learn technique