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== QC Co-Lab Business ==
== QC Co-Lab Business ==
* [[Meeting Agendas and Minutes]]
* [https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxoMOBubzUxZNXJKcDJ2LWtaajQ&usp=sharing Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes]
* [[Events]]
* [[Events]]
* [[By-Laws]]
* [[By-Laws]]

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The Quad Cities Makerspace

Co-Lab Building.png

A place to build. A place to design. A place to create.

A space to meet. A space to collaborate. A space to make.

A spot to play. A spot to innovate. A spot to engineer.

A playground for geeks and artists.

The QC Co-Lab Makerspace is all of these and more; a community driven non-profit organization and physical space, formed as a haven for technologists, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, educators and hobbyists to meet and create. We are striving to create an atmosphere of collaboration and entrepreneurship, where a diverse group can gather, grow, design, create, build, engineer, innovate and all around have fun.

The Quad Cities is already a growing hub of technology, art, and entrepreneurship. The QC Co-Lab is an extension of that already great culture.

We hope you join us!

The QC Co-Lab is located at 627 2nd St. in Davenport, IA.

QC Co-Lab Business

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