Makerspace Operations Manager

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Resolution passed at Meeting 3.8.2014


The Makerspace Operations Manager is a Board of Directors nominated and membership approved position to handle general tool and facility maintenance and the organization of volunteer cleaning of the space.


The Makerspace Operations Manager will be granted a budget as approved by the voting membership for handling maintenance needs for the makerspace and its equipment as approved by the membership. Items that fall under the Makerspace Operations Manager’s purview that may unduly exhaust or supersede the allotted budget can be proposed as an expense out of the organization’s general fund at a monthly business meeting.

The Makerspace Operations Manager will maintain consumable cleaning and maintenance supplies for the organization not limited to, but including:

  • Cleaning supplies (restrooms, kitchen, sinks/toilets, dishwasher, floors, etc...)
  • Air filters
  • Light bulbs
  • Consumable tool parts (EG: saw blades)

The Makerspace Operations Manager will be responsible for organizing a standard for maintenance and cleaning of the makerspace, including:

  • Creating checklists for cleaning and maintaining the makerspace.
  • Organizing volunteers for cleaning of the restrooms and kitchen on a monthly schedule.
  • Facilitating the maintenance of complex tools and machines.
  • The Makerspace Operations Manager is ineligible for a position on the Board of Directors or Audit Committee.
  • The Makerspace Operations Manager shall prepare a report for the membership at large for expenses incurred within their budget to be delivered at the monthly business meeting.

Receipts from purchased items will be turned in to the treasurer each month, at, or before, the monthly business meeting. A list of purchased items, and their prices, will be kept by the Makerspace Operations Manager to be added to their report. If the Makerspace Operations Manager is not present at the monthly business meeting, the report will be submitted to the board before the meeting and delivered to the membership by the Secretary.

Resignation and Termination

The Makerspace Operations Manager may resign by submitting written notice to every board member. They can also be removed from service at any time by a 2/3s vote at any regular business meeting or immediately suspended from service by the Board of Directors, to be reviewed by the voting membership at the next monthly business meeting. If the Makerspace Operations Manager leaves the position, voting for a replacement will automatically be added to the next regularly scheduled business meeting.