Meeting 03.19.2016

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Minutes for Meeting 2016-03-19: Meeting opened at 1:05pm, Neal Meeker presiding. Ben Ziegler, Keith Claussen, Mark Kruse, Alex Chan, Ryan James, Steve Hamer, Ray Benge, Eric Ingamells in attendance.

Approved minutes from board meeting 03-19

Consent Agenda: $350 budget for laser cutter parts - pulled, passed

$56.45 for power supply for Lulzbot - pulled for discussion, passed

$5 for caliper batteries - passed

Makefest fund - $1000/$750/$500 - $750 passed

Member Reports Keith Claussen - St. Patrick's day parade tailgate was a success - make official for next year. Copter video soon.

Corporate Goals: host more than 12 public events this year

2016 Board Election:

President: Steve Hamer and Neal Meeker nominated. Neal elected.

VP: Ray Benge and Keith Claussen nominated. Ray elected.

Secretary: Mark Kruse and Ben Ziegler nominated. Mark elected.

Treasurer: Ryan James nominated and approved unanimously.

Outreach: Keith Claussen nominated and approved unanimously.

Cooperative: Ben Ziegler nominated and approved unanimously.

New board selected Steve Hamer as Makerspace Operations Manager and nominated an Audit Committee consisting Cliff , Alex Chan, Eric Ingamells Cliff accepted new Digital Architecture Director