Meeting 10.13.2012

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QC Co-Lab meeting 10/13/2012

The meeting was opened at 1:05 PM.

Members present

  • David Hinkle
  • Paul Vaynermeyde
  • Keith Claussen
  • Cody Wilson
  • Mark Kruse (by proxy)
  • Mark Riedesel
  • Lauren Scott
  • Chris Cooper
  • Sarah Harbruct

Submission of the petition to remove the treasurer

A vote was called to accept the petition of the removal of treasurer. The vote was unanimous.

Election of Treasurer

The candidates for treasurer are Keith Clausen, and Sarah Harbruct.

The election results were 9 votes for Sarah Harbruct, and 0 for Keith Claussen.

Audit Committee

As Sarah Harbrucht was a member of the audit committee and audit committee members may not be board members, a new audit committee member was needed. Keith Claussen volunteered and was voted into the audit committee.

501c3 Committee

At the meeting, the membership has decided to table this until our fiscal situation has been resolved.

The meeting was closed at 1:35 PM