Meeting 10.17.2015

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[Consent Agenda]

$300 for auto shop tools $1200 for a used scissor lift $420 for projector and cable $250 for audio system $200 for audio system $250 for wood router and table Up to $1000 for Electric Strikes and other components required for the proposed door locks. $14.99 recurring to take over administration of the QC Makers Meetup group.

Proposed new by-laws

Resolution regarding non-recurring expenses. The Board of Directors is hereby empowered to make decisions regarding non-recurring expenses, so long as the board of directors does not spend more than $1500 in any given fiscal year and does not spend more than $500 on one item. Any expense greater than $500 for one item (or set of substantially related items), and any expenses over $1500 in a given year must be approved by the voting membership. The $1500 and $500 limits do not apply to previously approved recurring expenses including utilities and rent.

Amendment regarding proxy voting THEREFORE Article II, Section 2.3, Point 4 of the By-Laws shall be removed and replaced with "Be present at nine out of twelve meetings within any twelve-month period in person or by proxy".

THEREFORE Article II, Section 2.7 shall be added as follows: Section 2.7: Voting By Proxy Any voting member may designate another member as their proxy for either the duration of one meeting, or for one specific vote. The type of proxy, date of meeting, and the name of the designee must be emailed by the voting member to the electronic communications list to be valid. Proxies not emailed before the start of the meeting that are from the voting member naming the designated proxy member and date of the meeting shall not be valid. A member attending by proxy shall be counted as a member for the purposes of quorum, but only if the proxy is valid for the entire duration of the meeting.