Meeting 11.8.2014

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Meeting Agenda for 11/8/2014

Meeting Opened

Meeting was opened at 1:37 PM

Draft Minutes of Last Meeting

Please see here: Meeting 10.11.2014

Consent Agenda for 11/8/2014

  • We would like to make 10 boxes for the initial batch so we are asking for $150.
  • As a second consent agenda item, we would like to increase the number of boxes to 20. This will allow us to make 3 boxes of each type and restock as they are depleted. This item would then be for $300.
  • Teleconferencing

Officer Reports

Executive Director Report

  • Parade results

Director of Operations Report

  • N/A

Director of Finance Report

  • Bank change kinda wonky, no real account info
  • As of Oct 31, $3,207.00
  • Past energy bill $300 under budget!

Director of Records Report

  • New members!

MOM Report

  • Thanks for cleaning up during cleanup day!
  • [email protected] - Use it to get a hold of me, help me help you!

Member Reports

  • Paul - Keep mindful of the thermostat!
  • Alex - Building Management System! Working to automate the lab! Looking for assistance!
  • New Member Committee - Membership kits with a focus on various zones!

Old Business

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned on 1:56 PM