Meeting 12.13.2014

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Meeting Agenda for 12/13/2014

Meeting Opened

Meeting was opened at 1:06 PM

Draft Minutes of Last Meeting

Please see here: Meeting 11.8.2014

Consent Agenda for 11/8/2014

  • BMS Committee formation
    • pass
  • Co-Lab Does Committee formation
    • pass
  • $8 to Neal to reimburse for the window plastic he bought
    • pass

Officer Reports

Executive Director Report

  • We are officially a 501c3, give us money
  • I like money

Director of Operations Report

  • Lighting control working
  • Shelves are in place - can we charge for the space?

Director of Finance Report

  • New bank account is created and fully operational
  • We now have the ability to audit the bank account correctly
  • We are now +$731 for the year, we are cash flow positive
  • $325 in utilities this month
  • $4347 in the bank
  • Colab accounts need to be created to buy things

Director of Records Report

  • 55 members
  • Tech Soup!

MOM Report

  • $154 spent, most of it was paper towels
  • Bathroom signup!
  • Take care of your recycling that you bring in
  • Will be trying to plastic the windows today to help with heating

Member Reports

  • Alex
    • Join the BMC committee
  • Jacob
    • Annual meeting is coming and will have several items
  • Coop
    • First robotics lego league season is in full swing and need volunteers
  • Ali
    • CDC has passed, Ali and Dan are in charge, see them and they will start working out details

Old Business

  • We would like to make 10 boxes for the initial batch so we are asking for $150.
    • Pass
  • As a second consent agenda item, we would like to increase the number of boxes to 20. This will allow us to make 3 boxes of each type and restock as they are depleted. This item would then be for $300.
    • Fail due to numbers
  • Teleconferencing

"Voting members may participate in a meeting via electronic means. It will be encouraged that this technology is video enable for both sides, however, not a requirement. A requirement is that the technology used allows for speakerphone ability on the meeting side of the connection. The meeting that is teleconferenced into will not count towards the member's missed meetings for only one meeting in twelve months, allowing a voting member to not be physically present at a meeting four times in a given twelve month span."

    • Pass

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned on 1:56 PM