Meeting 12.8.2012

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Dwolla -

$0.25 per transaction

Free if less than $10 (people were not interested in changing membership dues from $30/mo to $7.50/week)

Google Checkout – will still need it

get single checks 5-10 rather than whole book

Coop wants Sam's club business account $35/year, paid by Coop, get him a check to pay for it.

For toiletries and snacks (no pop). So he can get business hours.

Have Dave send out email once he is back in 2 weeks about collecting dues. Start Jan 1st w/ payback deal.

Taxes situation: we haven't filed in 2 years. Coop to ask QC Tax Accounting for cheap help. Ask price.

Are we legally incorporated again yet?

Owe Steve $5 for incorporation charge fee

STEM meeting was yesterday. (Earth) sciences night

Putnum is rebuilding to include a tech playground. They will have a maker fair in September. They want us involved (along with help designing their space). Nicole is contact.

Sparkfun kickstarter, probably not going to make their total goal, but Hamilton Tech donated $2500 to try and get a tour stop in town.

70 girl scout teams doing lego competition next weekend. Invited.

Cody wants everyone to update their groupspaces emergency contact records.

Coop wants a copy of police report (#2012-98201) for use in reclaiming Domain Name and tax documents (costs $6)

possibly switch off of groupspaces? Need to research

Kieth wants to sand blast and powder coat Co-Ambulance wheels for $50 each. Probably in the spring.

CoLab Holiday party? December 29th Saturday. Potluck? Catering at Bones Ribs? Discuss more in email.

17 boxes of Kiln Molds. Do we want them? Art Center in Rock Island. Kruse to contact them if we don't want them.

Teacher from North Cedar school district wants a tour to start her own hackerspace at the high school. Steve will email her.