Meeting 4.18.2015

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-Board meeting-

suspended Mark R, Heath from voting membership (attendance), Hamer (dues)

Alli would like to increase female membership (4 of 47)

-General Meeting-

reinstated Heath and Hamer

Alli objected to meeting minutes for March - fire ext resolution

Consent agenda

$45 for Sams Club - passed

$10 for audio cable shipping - passed

$130 for SSD on touch screen -alli

$500 - air compressor - Dan

$200 - air lines Dan

$120 - 15 bins - Jacob

neal - showed lab to IEEE, QC Makers

dan - good

alli - $363 + for year, $6282 in bank, utilities biggest

ben - sign the waivers, 47 members

jacob - bought tp, paper towels, $52. Calling Ahern

Dillon - designing rack for BMS, maybe $70

Alli - new member committee - new nametags coming

Ben - maker faire, austin hackerspace

Jacob - guest policy

new business -

need waivers for guests, policy, who's here list

-ssd passed on 6 votes

-air compressor - what's the plan? 60 ft of air line, back of the closet

to special connector for sandblaster, 2 quik connects

passes with 6

-air lines pass

-bins tabled

old business none