Meeting 5.11.2013

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Meeting Opened

Meeting was opened at 1:03 PM

Draft Minutes of Last Meeting

Purchasing of a laser cutter was tabled for new business at next meeting.

Consent Agenda for 5/11/2013

  • Do we pay Hamilton Tech $2500 for rent from January-May?
  • Do we pay Hamilton Tech $500 for rent each month thereafter?
  • Do we want to convert the reception area to a lounge/hangout area?
  • Do we want to spend about $50 on casting materials to prototype a chocolate fundraiser?
  • Do we want to buy a laser cutter?
    • Do we want to by the wklaser (Total Cost: $4000)
    • Do we want to buy the Blacktoo ($1800)?
  • Sign the petition and vote on amending our constitution to allow some form of E-Voting.
    • As of 5/10/2013, no petition has been circulated.
  • We have at least 2 new members that want to become voting members. Anyone wanting to become a voting member must come to at least 75% of the monthly meetings and be sponsored by an existing voting member.
  • Vote on approving more money towards the Screen-printing budget. We now have new plastisol screen-printing supplies and ink, but the original estimate of needing $100 for making new t-shirts was a bit low (I already spent the entire budget on supplies and we don't have any t-shirts). I propose we allocate another ~$50-75 towards actually purchasing our substrates, unless everyone wants to have to provide their own blank t-shirt for their free Co-Lab Shirt upon sign-up (laaame). We'll get dark colored shirts of various sizes, maybe polos, baby dolls, reusable grocery sacks, and other items that people would be interested in purchasing from the Co-Lab in addition to their 1 freebie.
  • Karl Kester is requesting that his costs for the CnC Enclosure can go towards his dues.
    • Karl's receipts total $231.54 + $135 in cash.
  • Neal Meeker would like one of the vacuums currently in use for the CnC mill to be replaced, as the yellow vacuum is his personal vacuum.
    • Estimated replacement cost is $50.

Officer Reports

President's Report

Hamilton wants some rent. Had a great event at the Cedar Rapids mini maker fair. Had a fun time today with careening drones at the Hamilton tech open house. I'm tired and stressed out. Meditating has, thankfully, eliminated the ticking on the right side of my face.

- Love and Kittens


Vice President's Report

HAM Field Day - June 22-23, 2013.

Next Amateur Radio testing May 26, 2013.

Web based outreach doing great. Spoke with other makerspaces, and best investment for advertising for member conversion is at events.

Treasurer's Report

Budget report: [1]

Secretary's Report

Member Reports

  • Karl outlined the improvements with the CnC Mill
  • Cody talked about the Mad Scientists Ball
  • Coop talked about improvements necessary to the trailer for HAM Field Day
  • Cliff invited us to do some fun things with drones at FloatZILLA.

Old Business

Due to a lack of meeting minutes, there is no old business.

New Business

New Voting Members

  • David Bergert
  • Paul DiTullio
  • Clifton H. Mills III

Members were unanimously voted in. Now have 18 voting members. 16 were present.

Do we want to convert the reception area to a lounge/hangout area?

33% Initial Vote, discussion was opened.

Modifications need to be cleared by Hamilton.

Others are for making a trophy room.

The membership unanimously wants to improve the front area. Start by cleaning up the junk.

There was not an extension for more time.

The motion was denied.

Do we want to spend about $50 on casting materials to prototype a chocolate fundraiser?

Motion carried without discussion.

Do we want to buy a laser cutter

Motion carried without discussion.

Do we want to buy the wklaser

Less than simple majority, brought to discussion.

Time was extended.

The motion was passed after discussion.

Do we want to buy the Blacktooth

Motion denied.

E-Voting Petition

Karl Kester is now heading a committee for drafting an E-Voting Petition

Substrates for Shirts

Motion was brought for discussion.

The vote was denied, predominantly as a request for more information about the money to be spent.

Karl Kester reimbursement

Motion carried without discussion.

Neal Meeker Shop Vac Replacement

budget $50 so Neal can have his shop vac back. Motion carried without discussion.

From David: The Board

Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 2:25 PM