Meeting 5.8.2010

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Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda can be found here: Consent Agenda


12 attendees Switching website to drupal approved by unanimous consent.

By-laws: spelling and cosmetic changes. Approved by vocal consent

Committees: Cody, Brett & Jeremy to external communications committee. Coop - infrastructure. No cable or DSL here. No fiber yet. Scott Wireless 1MB link - $80, $280 for a T1. DerbyNet $50-60 for Eldridge wireless link.

Treasurers report: 15 members, $375 donations. CiviCRM and Google Checkout ready. $600 annual for insurance, $80 internet. Hamilton donation Classroom/Class rental? Fundraising? Food sales?

Timeline: Incorporated, insurance this week. Paint and door lock (next week) Embed class: on wiki. Hinkle & Hamer developing C++ course.

Event: Sensors Expo in Rosemont IL June 7-9