Meeting 6.8.2013

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Meeting Agenda for 6/8/2013

Meeting Opened

Meeting was opened at 1:00 PM 11 voting members present - no binding votes.

Draft Minutes of Last Meeting

Please see here: Meeting 5.11.2013

Consent Agenda for 6/8/2013

  • Ben Ziegler idea for marking projects and equipment - colored labels on wall
  • Paying for the rest of the fees for (the wklaser) to get here, up to $500. This is our one big purchase of the year and it shouldn't have to fall on individual members to shell out to pay the tariffs.
  • Amateur Radio Field Day
  • Purchasing of tickets for the Putnam's Giant Screen Theatre (Deal from Nicole at the Putnam)
  • Drink cooler repairs

Officer Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

4' x 8' space available in Putnam for June 22

Treasurer's Report

Paid $2500 utilities to Hamilton, $1692 current balance - wire transfer out but pending swapping from Google checkout to Wallet-free bank transfers-in next few months

Secretary's Report

We've gained a few new members. If you haven't had a chance to meet them, hopefully they'll be around to share their new project ideas with you. We have 32 members at the space now, which is the highest number of members we've ever had. Congratulations, all.

Member Reports

Karl discussed e-voting petition - telepresence seems more popular than a poll system, proposals forthcoming

Karl - CNC class proposal - limit signups per Chris Cooper, $300 for Vectric Cut3D for Windows

Steve on power bills - use savings under $500 to automate building?

Jacob - the Rostock is working

Old Business

  • T-Shirts for screen printing
  • eVoting Committee

New Business

Meeting Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 1:40 PM