Minutes 03.12.2011

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Thirteen people, eleven voting members @ QC Co-Lab 1st Annual meeting

Report from president: We've had keys for a year, lots of projects, new members, boy scouts visiting, on television twice, in Make magazine. Report from secretary: work on MODAC, minutes on wiki, website updates, membership system fixes, inventory system, lockers Report from treasurer: membership packet, wepay?+MODAC, how to handle cash, project fundraising, 501(c)3 update 6 months and one addendum. Tax deductible status not certain yet. Financial Statements reviewed. Soda No VP report.

Approved correcting by-laws to Saturday meetings. Approved Kari, Paul as voting members. At this point, yellow shirt Neal woke back up.

2011 officer team: Steve Hamer, President David Hinkle, Vice President Secretary, Ben Ziegler Treasurer, Arron Lorenz

Goals for next year: finish light wall, MODAC, exterior sign, laser cutter, hot wire table, tesla coil.

July 15-17 E-tank for Healing charity even July 21 Hamilton Open House Fall inter-hackerspace meeting

Approved acting secretary and treasurer authorization bylaw amendments Tabled dues discussion pending MODAC and payment provider changes.

E-Tank for Healing: Proposed using QC Co-Lab fund infrastructure. Tabled pending above.