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Brett Neese's Article

I have written a press release/article for inclusion in my school newspaper (PV Spartan Shield). It is copied below, feel free to edit or improve it as you see fit. The deadline is Thursday April 22, so if any edits need to be made they should be made by then. --Brneese 17:42, 19 April 2010 (UTC)

QC Co-lab, haven for geeks, holds first meeting

The new QC Co-lab held their first meeting on April 17.

The QC Co-lab projectspace is a nonprofit organization which was formed as - according to the official website located at - "a haven for technologists, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators and hobbyists to meet and create,". The Co-lab, part of an ongoing movement towards shared work areas, is located at building five on the Hamilton Technical College campus in Davenport, but is not be affiliated with the college.

Projectspaces, officially known as hackerspaces, are designed to be a place "where people can meet and work on their projects," according to the official Hackerspace wiki, located at, but are not designed for illicit use of technology. Steve Hamer, president of the Co-lab, states that the term "hackerspace", which has the word "hacker" in it, has a negative connotation, but in reality, most so-called "hacking" is completely legal and legitimate. For instance, taking apart old electronics and making them to do unique, fun, and/or useful things could be considered "hacking".

The space will have areas for heavy industrial tools such as saws, drills, and other "louder" tools; a lighter industrial area for soldering electronics and similar, quieter activities; a library and conference room; a kitchen; a computer lab area; and a podcasting/AV studio.

The space will be available 24/7 for qualified applicants. The membership dues are yet to be determined, but will probably range between $20-30 per month and anyone is who is interested in technology is welcome to join. Members under 18 -- due to insurance, curfew laws, and safety considerations -- will not have access 24/7, nor a voting role, but will have reduced dues. The space will also feature open-to-the-public classes and events.

The next group meeting will be on Saturday, May 8 at 1:00pm, on the Co-lab campus.

Hamer says that "he is encouraged by the turnout [18 people]" and that he looks forward to improving the Quad Cities technology community.

For more information visit, contact me at [email protected], or follow the Co-lab on Twitter, @qccolab.