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Our voting membership approved the commercial agreement policy at the October, 2015, meeting which required all members who craft products for sale using Co-Lab tooling are required to register. Specifically, this policy applies to: Members who use the space for a commercial use, divided into three classes. Class one includes members who reserve the physical space of the lab for events. Class two includes members who use common tooling or space to manufacture final goods for profit, not applying to prototypes, inventions, or developmental products at the lab or items manufactured using personally owned tools in private office space. Class three includes members running commercial enterprises on the premises that are not otherwise included in the previous classes.

Class two and three members are required (by honor policy) to submit a registration for their small business here: Small Business Registration Form

The reasoning for this effort is:
1. To give equal opportunity to members to use tooling.
2. To properly maintain the tooling.
3. To assist with leveraging of shared resources, including advertising and marketing.
4. To define expectations for both the commercial venture and the QC Co-Lab.
5. To collect data and information on commercial enterprises based out of the QC Co-Lab.
6. To assist the QC Co-Lab in understanding the business needs of members.