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I belong to the QC Co-Lab & I want to write stuff in the wiki. The webmaster says I need 50 words here to submit my request for an account, so here you go! "Why say it in five when you can say it in fifty!" I think it would be damn hilarious if the spam bots figured this out & were able to submit for accounts anyway. And to top it off, I have to do math at the end of the form before I submit. Really? Fifty words of rambling isn't enough, I have to use even more brain cycles to do simple addition / subtraction. What is wrong with you??? Seriously, we all have better things to do then to ramble on FOREVER in this stupid text box so the warning prompt at the top of the page goes away when I click the request account button. Not everyone is a writer for a living, which is yet just another reason this is asinine. I probably just misspelled that but I don't care! Worstest webmaster EVAR!!! This is epic fail. Is this 50 words yet? I lost count. Who the hell does this guy think he is anyway? I bet this jerk lives in his parents basement, barely showers, drinks Dew & nothing but Dew, & uses a Mac... & probably an iPhone too, listening to dub step, doing his own crappy remixes & posting them to soundcloud to torture the people of the internets even further because picking on people trying to be productive isn't enough. Well, I hope this makes you feel better webmaster. You may go back to jailbreaking your phone while sitting on the toilet & eating quiche... another word I probably misspelled, because I spend my time bitching about how everyone else is doing it wrong & starting flamewars on the email list, so I write this manifesto to continue the great tradition of trollin' :-p

Have a happy day!

P.S. Cody is the webmaster & a dear friend of mine. I hope you enjoyed reading my jestful creative writing project & have a few laughs.