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Training Required

The vinyl cutter requires some training to operate. Please see one of the certified trainers or review the online training material listed below before operating the equipment. In-person & online training are provided at no cost to members. NOTE: those that take the online training or have prior vinyl cutting experience still need a sign off from a certified trainer to make sure the material have been covered.

Laser Trainers
Name Contact Certified By
David Hinkle [email protected] Fiat
Keith Claussen [email protected] David Hinkle

Emergency Support and Maintenance

Any issues with the cutter please see a trainer or send an email out to the list. Please do not attempt repairs without instruction. The cutter has a manufacturer's warranty until 19 Sept. 2014 & free lifetime telephone support though


  • USCutter SC Series[1]
  • 30 inch max material width
  • Blade Type: Standard Roland & compatible blades
  • Command sets: DM-PL HP/GL automatic identification
  • Motor Type: Stepper
  • Interface: Serial Port & USB2.0
  • Max Cutting Length: 144 in / 12 ft
  • Max Downforce Pressure: 800 g
  • Max Speed: 31 in/s
  • Memory: 1MB - Recyclable
  • Power Requirements: AC220V/110V,50Hz~60Hz
  • Repetition Accuracy: 0.005IN (0.127 MM)
  • Resolution: 0.001Inch/step (0.0254mm/step)
  • Contour Cutting: Yes - Manual
  • OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac OSX
  • What it can cut: Standard Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask
  • What it cannot cut: Tint, Laminate, Sand Blast Resist, Low-Intensity Reflective, High-Intensity Reflective, Un-backed or un-linered media without the use of a carrier sheet

Getting Started

Drivers to operate the cutter: Blade cutter setup, feeding vinyl in & operation:


  1. Plug in the power & USB cable.
  2. Turn the Vinyl cutter on.
  3. Flip the levers up for the pinch rollers in the back of the cutter.
  4. Load Material into the cutter using the tick mark gauge on both sides.
  5. Flip the levers down on the pinch rollers.
  6. Set the 'home' position of the cutter.
  7. Use the feed control to set the start point of the vinyl.
  8. Adjust the pressure & cutting rate, if needed.
  9. Open the 'Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3' software.
  10. Open an existing project or start a new one.
  11. Canvas height can be what the project needs, but width should not exceed the size of the vinyl loaded in the cutter.
  12. Import vector based file formats like SVG or Illustrator formats, if needed.
  13. Text coming from other sources than SCAL needs to be rendered as paths instead of raw text, or it won't cut.
  14. When the project is ready to cut, Go to Cutter > US Cutter to open the cutting window.
  15. Click 'Test Connection.' If the cutter doesn't do anyhing, press the [Reset] button on the cutter. Click 'Test Connection' again.
  16. Select 'Origin' or 'WYSIWYG' and make sure the blade offset is set correctly for the blade (0.25mm for 45 deg, 0.40 for 60 deg).
  17. Click Cut


Blade Offset: 0.25mm