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X-Carve at Co-Lab


  • The X-Carve requires training before use.
  • Training is provided at no cost to lab members.
  • To request training email [email protected]
  • Current approved trainers
    • Ryan Weekly
    • Jason Root
  • Training syllabus and power point
  • To pass training you must cut an item in front of the inspector start to finish

Emergency Support and Maintenance

If there is a serious problem with the X-Carve, please contact Ryan Weekly or Jason Root. In order to better coordinate maintenance tasks, please do not repair any problems with the X-Carve without contacting the support contact first. This is so that we can have a better understanding of the problems we're facing with the machine and it's history.

Machine Stats

  • Dewalt 611 spindle
  • 1/8 or 1/4 bits supported
  • Machinable area: 750mm x 750mm approx 29" x 29"

Approved Materials

  • All soft and hard woods
  • MDF and Plywoods
  • Acrylic and other plastics
  • Fiberglass "with caution"
    • Must come up with approved board plan to
  • Closed cell foam

Disallowed Materials

  • All metals
    • Aluminum and Brass may be cut with prior Board approval and with approved gcodes
  • Open cell foam
  • Stone or rock


  • Easel Pro is the only supported software
    • Contact Board for username and password
    • Easel Pro is web and cloud based so you can do your design and cad work on your personal computer and it will automatically save to the could and can be accessed on the X-Carve

Alternative Software Advanced Users Only

  • You are responsible for any damage cause to the machine by using anything other then Easel Pro
    • No support is given to these programs
    • They are for advanced CNC users only with prior experience only
    • You must sign a waiver accepting liability for any damage caused to the machine by using any software other then easel
  • Vectric Vcarve or Aspire
    • One of the best 3D wood carving software available
    • Can create and design in Vcarve or Aspire, and upload gcode to Easel
    • Vectric only Post Processor
  • Fusion360
    • Best "free" software available for 3D design, and CAD
    • Can design your piece, and CAD it in same software
    • Use this custom post processor only Beta1 Updated 3/7/2020
    • Inventables bits tool library Tool Library